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Weeding out Common Landscape Problems

Gardening is a rewarding hobby. Although one may work hard, the beautiful outcome gives much delight. Seattle boasts of acres and acres of green spaces and blooms. Homeowners recreate a little part of this natural beauty through gardening and landscaping. But there are some landscaping problems that one may encounter. Here are the most common

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house plants

Plant-Friendly Home: Three Improvement Projects to Keep in Mind

Indoor plants help us breathe fresher and healthier air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Extensive research by NASA even reveals that indoor plants eliminate toxins in the air by up to 87%. Other studies also show that plants help improve our mental health, boost our immune system, and increase our productivity. With these

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4 Exciting Amenities You Need to Add to Your Home

Purchasing an empty home offers you an exciting task that allows you to get creative. All the free space will encourage you to tinker with the interior and exterior design. While most of the space in the house requires you to put in a lot of home essentials, you can still make room for your

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cleaning tiles

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Tile Grout

Grout is the substance in the gaps between your tiles. Its purpose is to keep the tiles together and prevent dirt and water from seeping through the gaps so that your floors and walls will be protected from damage. However, grout is porous, meaning it absorbs water. So, how could you maintain the grout in

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Attic with sloping windows

Pointers for Creating Your Home Studio

You love music, and you had great memories of playing with your friends in high school. But your parents have other ideas about where you should take your life as a professional. You studied economics because the path that they wanted for you was in the financial sector. You agreed, but as a concession, they

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outdoor patio

4 Amenities You Can Fit in Your Backyard

A good backyard will bring up the value of your home. When you give your outdoors a good design, you might be expecting guests to flock your house during the holidays or weekends. You will need to spend a lot of money to customize your backyard, though, but you will be rest assured knowing that

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Man painting ceiling

4 House Repairs That You Can Do By Yourself

Most home repairs require homeowners to seek assistance from professionals. If you try to do the tasks yourself, you may end up causing more damage to your house. However, there are a few maintenance tasks that you can easily finish by yourself. As a homeowner, you need to learn the basic skills needed for home

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Eco-Friendly Housing

UK’s Race Against Time for Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Housing

In a few months, it’ll be the start of a new decade. The country should’ve achieved its sustainable housing goal before the year comes. But with 29 million homes scattered across the UK, this seems unreachable. HM’s Government believes that the country’s climate objectives won’t be achieved anytime soon without any significant changes done to the

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High angle view of a stylish outdoor kitchen, gas barbecue and dining table set for entertaining guests with formal place settings and flowers on a paved patio

Backyard Space: Ways to Maximize Yours

Space is a luxury for a lot of homeowners. But, for those with ample space or even big ones, it can also be a problem. Homeowners with ample backyard spaces have a lot of options to choose from to make the most of the area. However, as in any projects, knowing where to start is

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man laying on the floor planning renovation

Safety Measures to Take When Renovating Your Home

Renovating your home will add to its value once you’re ready to sell it and move to another space. It will also improve its functionality and the time you and your family spend there. If you want to work on your home improvement project—whether it’s updating the kitchen, repainting the walls, or landscaping the backyard—you

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