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ergonomic bathroom

Beyond the Beauty: 3 Tips for Creating an Ergonomic Bathroom

Perhaps it’s because of the barrage of cute Pinterest pegs or the popularity of spa-like features, but the trends in bathroom design lately are noticeably focused on aesthetics. There’s usually no problem with this until you find that your visually appealing, spa-haven bathroom looks as if it’s been hit by a tsunami as your husband prepares for

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engineers drafting a sketch

Bringing in Money: Attracting Tenants to Your Commercial Building

Commercial buildings provide a lot of opportunities for business owners in need of a location or branch. Also, they can provide the building owner with a decent amount of income, usually in the form of rent. However, you need to have tenants renting out the space or it will be useless. Aside from the location

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Warehouse Facility

Health and Safety in a Warehouse Facility

A recognized market research firm focusing on logistics providers estimates that there are around 9,000 commercial warehouses spread across America. The top 50 companies, with nearly 3,900 warehouses, cover 829 million square feet of warehouse space. Imagine hundreds of forklifts, hand trucks, pallet jacks, and platform trucks roaming around these spaces. And imagine what is

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Mold on old wall

Mold & Mildew: How to Stop Their Growth & Infestation at Home

It is a nightmare of every homeowner to deal with mold. It’s unsightly, and it can put the health and safety of everyone at risk. That is why people are constantly looking for ways to keep them off their homes. The thing is, this type of invasion can be easily triggered by moisture. That’s why

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warehouse floor

Ensuring the Quality of Warehouse Floors

Flooring is the most abused element of your warehouse in Colorado. It needs to take on the massive weights of high stacking, heavy forklifts, delivery trucks, and loaded pallets. Warehouse flooring accumulates countless scratches, tire marks, stains from chemical spillage, and other damages caused by the heavy foot traffic in the day to day operation. The

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Road with sunset

Everything You Need to Know About Asphalt

Asphalt is the most commonly used material for building roads and pavements. But despite its ubiquity, there are still a lot of things that people don’t know about this material. Listed below are some intriguing trivia about asphalt. 1. Asphalt has been in use for centuries You might think that asphalt is a 20th-century invention,

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house with many trees

3 Things Every Homeowner Should Inspect After a Hurricane

Strong winds and heavy rainfall brought about by storms can deal massive damage to one’s home. The expected cost of damage from hurricane winds and flooding in the US is at $54 Billion in the US, with households getting the biggest share of losses ($34 Billion). Depending on the intensity of the hurricane, and any

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plumber giving a thumbs up

Common Mistakes of the Plumbing DIY Enthusiast You Should Avoid

There are many reasons why people try to DIY their plumbing. It’s possibly because they don’t have the money, or they already have the materials for it, or they think that the problem is small enough anyway. It could also be caused by all of the above. If you’re deciding to work on your plumbing

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Female having a great sleep

How to Design a Bedroom for Better Sleep

Our lives are a ceaseless cycle of sleep and wakefulness. We go to work. We eat. We spend time with our loved ones. At the end of the day, we all do the same thing: We sleep. We give our bodies the rest that they deserve. But a variety of factors can affect the quality

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