Falafel Yoni is nestled in the heart of Montreal’s trendy Mile-End neighbourhood. The city’s zoning regulated that the restaurant’s capacity be limited to 12 seats, which led to the design of a generous curved bar with a diner feel.

Since falafel is eaten with the hands, a sculptural wash basin made of rolled steel became the central design element. Custom faucets cap curved pipes in mill finished stainless steel that descend from the ceiling at the central wash baisin. Unfinished OSB ceiling baffles unifiy the former uneven ceiling and a central bulkhead allows the lights and the water supply to be concealed. The base of the curved bar is covered in a dark red corrugated asphalt roofing, which fit perfectly into the  colour palette, inspired by a classic New Balance sneaker. Salvaged school chairs give a vintage touch to the design. A cost-saving strategy was to maximize a large sheet of 3/16” steel and using it to laser-cut elements such as the bar tops, the bathroom sink, the linear light spine, soap dispenser etc.