This project consisted of the complete renovation and interior re-organization of a house from the 1940s located in Montreal's Outremont neighbourhood. The original split-level house was comprised of many small rooms. Structural beams were installed to open up the interior of the house as well as a 24-foot opening to the backyard, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior.

A metal trellis frames the wide opening to the south facing backyard. Vines grown on the trellis provide shade from the hot summer sun and fall in the winter letting the sun in during the cold, passively heating the house. 

The transformation revitalizes the relationship between the spaces and creates a visual link between each one. A perforated sliding screen modulates the level of intimacy between the living room and the family room above. By playing with the existing floor levels and creating new spaces, the concept transforms the perception of the dimensions of the house.

The clients, having recently moved from Colombia, wanted a touch of the lush greenery found in the Colombian jungle incorporated within their home. A 3 x 5 meter living wall suspended above the family room becomes the key feature of the indoor environment. Upstairs, this greenery can be enjoyed from the open-plan office space.

The success of this project lies within the attention to detail made possible by the great detail oriented clients.

Intervention: Renovation & interior reorganization   |    Year: 2016    |    Photo / Video credit: David Dworkind